Sattu – A superfood for monsoon


A delicious, intelligent mix of chana dal, gehu (wheat) flour , it’s the stuff that nutrition love stories are made of. Sattu provides the body with minerals like calcium, vitamins like folic acid and essential amino acids like lysine.

And this is how sattu can help you –

– reduces menstrual cramps and clots
– reduces dark circles under the eyes
– reduces pigmentation and hair loss

Diversity is an inbuilt system in our society and culture and it’s time we own it with pride

Puffed Cereal Flour/Sattu Atta is a traditional maharashtrian recipe made by puffing wheat and split bengal gram (chana dal). It has a great aroma and taste, as it is blended with cardamom powder. It can be savoured by all age groups and also it filling and gives energy. You can consumed daily as breakfast or as a evening drink.

Recipe – Mix 2 tablespoons of instant puffed cereal flour in a glass of warm or cold milk, add sugar for taste (optional). Stir / Shake to avoid lump formation and enjoy a delicious drink

Puffed Cereal (Sattu) Flour

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