Kanda Lasun (Onion-Garlic) Masala

Kanda Lasun Masala

This is the most aromatic, traditional Maharashtrian masala from Kolhapur called Kaanda lasun masala (also known as lal tikhat).

Used in everyday cooking, it gives a nice bright red colour to curries (vegetable, pulses, chicken, eggs or mutton). You can use this to make many stir-fry too.
Kanda lasun masala is a mix of fried onions (ground into paste), un-roasted garlic paste, roasted and coarsely powdered mixture of white sesame seeds, dry copra, poppy seeds, chilli powder, salt and goda masala

Simple side dish using this masala

Mix it with some butter and spread this on your bread or rotis. Some raw sliced onions along with this makes a quick delicious meal without any cooking.

Kanda Lasun (Onion-Garlic) Masala

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