Bhelpuri – A delicious & lip smacking Indian snack

Bhel BhelPuri

Most countries serve appetizers before a meal, but in India it’s all about chaat (savoury snacks). This authentic Bhelpuri (Marathi भेळ, Gujarati: ભેળ, Nepali: चट्टपटे)  is one of the better types of chaat going around – a plate of puffed rice, vegetables such as tomatoes and onions, a tangy tamarind chutney (sauce) & spicy  green chilli chutney (sauce), it is vegetarian and packed with flavour.

Bhelpuri (Bhel) is often associated with Mumbai beaches, such as Girguam or Juhu. Bhelpuri is thought to have originated within the cafes and street-food stalls of Mumbai, and has spread across India where it was modified to suit local food availability. It is also said to be originated from Bhadang (भडंग), a spicy puffed-rice dish from Western Maharashtra. Dry bhel is made from bhadang.

Ganesh Bhel’s Bhel Family Pack comes with all the ingredient to make a spicy, tongue tickling delight in the comfort of your home.  It includes dry bhel, tangy tamarind (imlee) chutney and spicy green chilli chutney.

Ganesh Bhel

How to make chatpati bhel

  1. Empty the dry bhel mixture in a large bowl
  2. Add finely chopped onions, tomatoes.
  3. Add tangy tamarind (imlee) chutney as per your taste
  4. Add spicy green chilli chutney as per your taste
  5. Mix well and garnish with shev and coriander leaves

You can also add chopped raw mangoes & roasted peanuts as variations.


Started in 1978 on a handcart in Pune by Mr Ramesh Gudmewar, Ganesh Bhel today is the first bhel shop in India to have received ISO certification for manufacturing and packing their product. Their non compromising behaviour for quality and hygiene has made them a benchmark and largest seller and exporter of Bhel. Ganesh Bhelpuri is synonym to “Chatak” –  the word in the local dialect for “getting addicted to” or is an adjective describing the taste of some spicy Indian delicacies.

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